• Alarria


    female elf rogue
  • Conner Hairfoot

    Conner Hairfoot

    Suprise halfling.
  • Davor Dolgrin

    Davor Dolgrin

    Beneath all of the armor lies a tall young man with a shaved head and kind brown eyes.
  • Morgana


    Young. Multi-colored streaks in black hair, vivid purple eyes. Fox with matching purple eyes always nearby.
  • Nephod Half-Ear

    Nephod Half-Ear

    Mad Halfling Sorcerer
  • Torgar Hammerstriker

    Torgar Hammerstriker

    Tall (for a dwarf), long braided red beard, with eyes that appear to be solid orbs of mithral. Torgar hails from the dwarven hold of Karak Karin in the Telormar Torfarn mountains.