Torgar Hammerstriker

Tall (for a dwarf), long braided red beard, with eyes that appear to be solid orbs of mithral. Torgar hails from the dwarven hold of Karak Karin in the Telormar Torfarn mountains.


Forgemaster (Torag) level 10
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 46
Height: 4’4"
Weight: 198 lbs.
Hair: Red
Eyes: Mithral

STR 20 ( +5)
DEX 15 ( +2)
CON 18 ( +4)
INT 17 ( +3)
WIS 22 ( +6)
CHA 15 ( +2)

HP 105
SPEED 20 ft. (with and without armor)

AC 29 (10 + 12 armor + 5 shield + 2 DEX)

FORTITUDE +16 (7 base + 4 CON + 5 misc)
REFLEX +10 (3 base + 2 DEX + 5 misc)
WILL +18 (7 base + 6 WIS + 5 misc)

CMB +12 (7 base + 5 STR)
CMD 24 (7 base + 5 STR + 2 DEX + 10)

The Fist of Torag ( +2 warhammer; counts as holy symbol and can be used for smithing) +9 attack bonus, critical x3, 1d8 + 5 damage

Appraise +7 (3 INT + 1 rank + 3 misc)
Craft (arms) +25 (3 INT + 10 ranks + 12 misc)
Craft (armor) +25 (3 INT + 10 ranks + 12 misc)
Diplomacy +7 (2 CHA + 2 ranks + 3 misc)
Heal +10 (6 WIS + 1 rank + 3 misc)
Knowledge (arcana) +8 (3 INT + 2 rank + 3 misc)
Knowledge (engineering) +7 (3 INT + 4 ranks)
Knowledge (history) +7 (3 INT + 1 rank + 3 misc)
Knowledge (nobility) +7 (3 INT + 1 rank + 3 misc)
Knowledge (planes) +7 (3 INT + 1 rank + 3 misc)
Knowledge (religion) +10 (3 INT + 4 ranks + 3 misc)
Linguistics +8 (3 INT + 2 ranks + 3 misc)
Perception +12 (6 WIS + 4 ranks + 2 misc)
Profession (mining) +13 (6 WIS + 4 ranks + 3 misc)
Sense Motive +12 (6 WIS + 1 rank + 5 misc)
Spellcraft +16 (3 INT + 10 ranks + 3 misc)

+3 Mithral Full Plate
+3 Animated Heavy Mithral Shield ( +2 armor, +3 enhancement)

Selective Channeling, Heavy Armor Proficiency, Craft Magic Arms & Armor, Alertness (from dark blue ioun stone)

Darkvision (60 ft), Hatred, Hardy, Stability, Stonecunning, Weapon Familiarity, Defensive Training, Craftsman, Runeforger (6/day. Runes known: Forgemaster’s Blessing, Glowglyph, Deathstrike, Powerstrike, Invulnerability, Bloodthirst), Aura, Artificer, Steel Spells, Divine Smith, Master Smith, Orisons

Level 0: Save DC 16, 4/day
Level 1: Save DC 17, 7/day (4 class, 2 bonus, 1 domain)
Level 2: Save DC 18, 7/day (4 class, 2 bonus, 1 domain)
Level 3: Save DC 19, 5/day (3 class, 1 bonus, 1 domain)
Level 4: Save DC 20, 5/day (3 class, 1 bonus, 1 domain)
Level 5: Save DC 21, 4/day (2 class, 1 bonus, 1 domain)



Artificer’s Touch (Sp): You can cast mending at will, using your cleric level as the caster level to repair damaged objects. In addition, you can cause damage to objects and construct creatures by striking them with a melee touch attack. Objects and constructs take 1d6 points
of damage +1 for every two cleric levels you possess. This attack bypasses an amount of damage reduction and hardness equal to your cleric level. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

Dancing Weapons (Su): At 8th level, you can give a weapon touched the dancing special weapon quality for 4 rounds. You can use this ability once per day at 8th level, and an additional time per day for every four levels beyond 8th.

Domain Spells: 1st—animate rope, 2nd—wood shape, 3rd—stone shape, 4th—minor creation, 5th—fabricate, 6th—major creation, 7th—wall of iron, 8th—instant summons, 9th—prismatic sphere.


Dark blue ioun stone
+3 mithral full plate
+3 animated mithral heavy shield
Fist of Torag
Belt of giant strength +2
Headband of inspired wisdom +2
Ring of sustenance
Boots of speed


The circumstances of young Torgar Hammerstriker’s life have seemed, from the very beginning, unusual at best. Neither his father, Thane Banak Hammerstriker, nor his mother, Greta, expected to have a fourth child. Both dwarves were advanced in age to the point where another pregnancy seemed impossible. When the signs began appearing that Greta was indeed carrying a fourth child, the high priests decided that it could only be a sign from Torag. Due to her age, Greta had priests doting on her to ensure that there were no complications that might harm her or the child.
Despite the prayers of several powerful priests of Torag, the birth proved too great a stress for Greta’s body. Her last act was to name her newly born son. With her sight beginning to fade and the rest of the world slipping away, she saw her son open his eyes. She gasped, for they appeared the color of solid mithral, shining and brilliant. She named him Torgar, for the touch of the Forgelord upon her boy was the only thing that could explain those eyes to her.
With the priests insisting that young Torgar had been touched by the hand of Torag, they offered to take the child to the temple to be raised to serve his god straight from birth, but Banak would hear nothing of it. He knew full well that his wife would want their boy raised the same way as their other children. So, he took what time he could away from his duties as thane to teach his son the essentials of being a dwarf. He taught him of the worship of Torag, the working of the forge, and how best to fell giants and goblinkin in combat.
Despite Banak’s attempts to delay his son’s entrance into the priesthood, the sole motivation for keeping his son out of the religion for as long as he did was the fact that once Torgar left for the priestly training, he wouldn’t see his son until the completion of his training. By the time Torgar had reached the age of 15, Banak could delay the insistent requests of the priesthood no more. Torgar was sent to train at the temple of Torag, so that he might one day spread the teachings of the Forgelord.
Torgar rose quickly to become the favored initiate amongst the temple priests. This was due in part to the fact that he possessed a beard fitting for a dwarf 40 years his senior, partly because of his mithral hued eyes, but mostly it was because of his absolute dedication to the following of Torag, especially when it came to the duties of crafting and tending the forge. In the many years of Torgar’s training, not once did any piece he crafted come away from the anvil flawed. Later in his devotional training, he began to manifest abilities the like of which his elders had never seen. Initially, it simply seemed as though his hammer would slightly change it’s path of descent on it’s own, shifting subtly to land in places where the strike would be more beneficial. However, Torgar professed that it was the spirits of the forge, whispering in his ear so that his strikes would be surer, swifter, and produce items of superior quality, so long as their advice was heeded.
Torgar’s reputation had begun to flourish within the temple, not only for his strength of devotion and wisdom beyond his years, but also for his skill with the hammer, whether he was working the forge or training for combat. On one of the many occasions where initiates were sent to the mines to work a rich vein of ore to bring back the materials necessary for their craft, Torgar encountered a group of five goblins that had wandered into the tunnels at the edge of the established mining routes. The ugly little vermin hadn’t heard him approaching, due to their own clamoring over who had the right to a headdress that appeared to be made of overly large feathers and tattered scraps of cloth. Torgar knew that he should gather the other initiates to ensure his own safety, but the sight of goblins in the tunnels that belonged not just to his hold, but his own clan, made his blood boil. Fortunately, the temple insisted that initiates go into the mines fully armed and armored. Torgar prayed to Torag, asking his god to shield him from the attacks of his enemies and to see that his hammer would strike true, and walked slowly into sight of the goblins.
The argument over the headdress had begun growing heated when Torgar revealed himself to the goblins, so when the goblin facing him lifted a crude spear and readied to throw at Torgar, the other goblins assumed he was trying to claim the headdress by force. Practically as one, they all stabbed out at him with their spears, and while he managed to backpedal away from the first two attacks, the third spear slipped in between his ribs. He managed a weak throw of his spear as he was falling back off of his compatriot’s spear, which flew harmlessly wide to Torgar’s left. The remaining goblins set to stabbing their fallen comrade with their spears, and amused as he was that they had done part of his work for him, Torgar decided to grab their attention.
“Oi! I’m thinking that spear was meant for me, ye filthy beasts!”
The goblins all whipped around to face Torgar, and two of them threw their spears immediately. One flew off course and landed on the ground near the first thrown spear, and the other Torgar deflected with his shield.
“Come and feel the fury of the Forgelord!” Torgar bellowed as he walked towards the goblins. The two that were still armed came at him cautiously, but as they struck towards Torgar, he sidestepped the thrust on his weapon arm and blocked the second attack with his shield. Immediately after blocking with his shield, he pumped his warhammer into the ribs of the goblin to his right twice in rapid succession, dropping it to the ground and leaving it wheezing for pained breaths through broken ribs. The second goblin lifted it’s spear high to attempt to stab down over Torgar’s shield, and in response Torgar lifted his arm, knocking the goblin’s spear further over it’s head, then bashed the goblin with his shield, breaking it’s nose and dazing it in the process. Before the goblin could recover, Torgar swung a great overhand chop with his warhammer, crushing the creature’s skull and breaking it’s neck with a single blow.
With their numbers suddenly cut in half, the two remaining goblins drew rusty, jagged looking pieces of metal, obviously meant to serve as daggers, all the while shooting looks over their shoulders, thinking about their odds of outrunning the dwarf who just slew two of their comrades in short order. Torgar waited until one goblin looked over it’s shoulder, then charged towards it. The goblin that was actually paying attention to Torgar at the time decided to take his chances running from the dwarf. Torgar slammed the remaining goblin with his shield on the way past, catching it as it turned it’s head back and knocking it prone. The goblin running from him likely would have escaped, had it not caught it’s foot on a jag in the floor of the tunnel and stumbled, giving Torgar just enough time to catch up to it and slam his hammer into the back of it’s knee. The goblin whirled about, swinging it’s dagger wildly, but the frantic slashes had no hope of penetrating the focused defenses of the young dwarf. Torgar bided his time, letting the goblin flail ineffectively at him, deflecting each blow with his shield or parrying with his warhammer, until the goblin overextended itself out of frustration. Torgar moved to the inside of the blow and brought his hammer up in an underhanded swing, effectively uppercutting the goblin with it. The creature was struck in the jaw so hard that it was lifted from the ground, turning a half somersault in the air and landing face first on it’s broken jaw. Knowing the tactics of these cowardly creatures, as he had been trained by his father well before he went to the temple to fight the ancient enemies of his people, Torgar threw his shield back and over his head just in time to block the strike of the goblin left behind him. Before the goblin could recover, he whipped his hammer around in a mighty arc, catching the goblin in the ribs and sending it flying into the wall of the tunnel. He then surveyed the surrounding area, making sure there were no goblins lurking in the darkness to lash out and catch him unawares. As he set to the business of making sure that his foes were indeed dead, the other initiates came running down the tunnel, having heard the sounds of him doing battle. Before he told them what happened, he thanked the Forgelord for seeing him through that battle unharmed. He then departed the tunnels for the temple, to tell them of the presence of goblins in the mining areas, because to him that breach in security mattered far more than collecting raw ore for forging. The priests of the temple thanked Torgar for reporting back so quickly, and while they reprimanded him for his hastiness in confronting the goblins without gathering his fellows and thereby taking on a much greater risk than he should have, they also commended him for his performance in battle against one of the ancient foes of the dwarven race. Torgar was then sent back to the mines so that he might collect the ore he was originally sent for, and upon returning to the tunnel where he fought the goblins, he prayed to Dwarf-father for guidance, that his efforts in the mines would yield great results. He approached the nearest marked vein that the miners had discovered, but felt a compulsion to move further down the wall. About fifty long strides from where the vein had been marked, Torgar hefted his pick and began chipping away at an unremarkable section of the wall. After nearly an hour of clearing away stone from the wall, Torgar’s patience was rewarded. As he swung his pick, he knew that this swing would reveal why he had felt compelled to work this area. Pulling the pick away from the wall, Torgar saw the glint of raw metal in the stone. He continued to work around the vein, until three hours later he had exposed a vein of pure mithral as wide across as his own chest. Torgar could hardly believe the treasure he had uncovered from the earth. He dropped to his knees and thanked Torag for this bountiful harvest of such a rare and precious metal. He began working at the vein, harvesting as much as he could and singing Torag’s praises all the while. Torgar worked for hours, until his arms were burning from the exertion, and filled the cart which he had brought with him nearly to the point where it was overflowing. Upon returning from the mines, the temple priests were amazed by Torgar’s discovery, and the sheer volume of mithral which he had returned with. After similar veins were discovered in the area surrounding the first, the head priest of the temple gave Torgar a gift of mithral, all of which he had mined himself, telling him that it should be enough to fashion himself a suit of armor, and possibly a shield (if the metal was worked properly and none was wasted). Torgar was also made a full priest of Torag at this time; the high priest saying that there were abundant signs that the Forgelord had great plans for him. Days later, a new initiate to the temple delivered a package and scroll to Torgar that would change his life in ways he could not imagine…

Torgar Hammerstriker

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